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From 'Piae Cantiones'
Txt : Michael Forster (b. 1946)

(c) 1996 Kevin Mayhew Limited


When our God came to earth,
Not for him noble birth
He affirmed human worth
from a humble manger
Just another stranger

Let the poor rejoice!
Let the mute give voice
Love is shown, God is known
Christ is born of Mary

Not for kings was the word
which the poor shepherds heard;
Hope renewed, grace conferred,
and the hillside ringing,
with the angels' singing


Bethlehem, humble town
where the babe wears the crown,
turns the world upside down:
God so unexpected
homeless and rejected.


Let us sing Mary's song,
Bringing hope, righting wrong
heard with fear by the strong,
poor and humble raising,
God of justice praising.