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Joshua (From the musical 'Berlin')

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Composer demo of Joshua from the Musical 'Berlin' by Tim J Spencer


You must understand the truth, I must tell you

We all make mistakes
And some of those made worse by fate
There was a time before the wall
A woman loved with all her soul
She tried once to escape that was her crime
And ever since that day she served her time
She needed a friend
In some ways I was there
You take the chance although you’re scared

Joshua you really have to know
The State makes life a precious thing to hold
And though I couldn’t do what they ordered me to do
I wouldn’t change the way I played that scene
Joshua it’s time you learned the truth
And trust the man that lived a life through you
The parents you have known
And the place that you call home
Are not quite what they’re meant to be
But you must now believe in me
Joshua my son, you really are the one

Inside a jail she had a child
And though it lived was told it died
A jailer took the child away
Gave it a home, but knew one day
That he would have to face the lie he gave
To save a woman’s son a choice was made
She never knew, the choice was mine
Joshua I’ve known for all your life

Joshua you really ought to know
The story that was made so long ago
For years we’ve lived a lie, only love our alibi
And now the time has come to share the truth
Joshua you really shouldn’t cry
You have to know the woman thought you’d died
The state was told the same so it’s me you have to blame
But please forgive me when I say I couldn’t find another way
Joshua my son you really are the one

Joshua please don’t ask me why
I had to take the chance to save your life
Believe it was for you and a woman I once knew
So please forgive me when I say I couldn’t find another way
Joshua my son, you really are the one

Joshua forgive me what I’ve done
My son.