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Always Through Always

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I’m stood here waiting so why aren’t you here
Where are you hiding? Will you appear?
And if you are listening please show me a sign
If ever I needed to see you this is the time.
We made the plans, I can’t do this alone
And what of our family? This was meant to be home
Beppo, my friend, this is not what was planned
You should be here too, you’d understand
Four of us meeting. Five would then live
Here with the freedom we wanted as kids
So how do I do this? How can I go on?
What’s the point with no-one to share it
You should all be here, I don’t think I can bear this
And why would you leave me? Just what can that mean?
I’m so scared, so frightened
I can’t live in an abandoned dream
Always through always I still see your smiles
Won’t you please join me just for a while
If always through always I need you with me
How do I survive the nightmare?
This was meant to be our dream