Let Me Be On Stage - An 'I Want' Song for Theatricals

In June 2020 Tim entered the #MercurySongwritingContest which was held by the Mercury Theatre, Colchester in search of an 'I Want' song. The 'I Want' Song in a musical is usually early in the show when one of the main protagonist's explain what they're looking for. A couple of examples would be 'Part of Your World' from the The Little Mermaid or 'My Shot' from Hamilton.

Tim's notes :

This is a song which came about during lockdown and the deep desire to get back on stage, I was thinking about a scenario a little like the Cliff Richard movie 'The Young Ones' when everyone would get together to put on a show and the feeling of loving the theatre when it's empty as well as when it's full. 

Hold Me, Love Me - The Home Virtual Choir

With the lockdown of 2020 Tim decided to record one of his songs as a chorale. Hold Me, Love Me was originally written as a wedding song before becoming part of the score of his musical, Berlin. This is the 'original' chorale version and features 23 fabulous voices. You can get both the sheet music and the recordings below.

Hold Me, Love Me - Choral Sheet Music
  • Hold Me, Love Me - Choral Sheet Music

Hold Me, Love Me - Choral Sheet Music

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PDF sheet music of choral version of Hold Me, Love Me. Arrangement is written for Sopranos 1, Sopranos 2, Altos, Tenors, Basses with Piano Accompaniment

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New Recordings

These are some of the most recent recordings Tim has made in his studio, The Blackstone.