From the recording Berlin Selections

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The State and I

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Freidrich :
Born into a Jewish brood who ran away to Russia
When the Nazis took control
Brought into a system and believed in it completely
Communism is my soul
Once the war had ended was a teenager no more
Went home to a country I once hadn’t loved at all
Joined amongst the party and made progress with belief
Far from all the Nazi ridden grief

The State and I are inseparable it is the only way
Each individual has an equal say
Though I am a guardian
Each man is my brother til I die
The State and I

Now I am a deputy and everything I always wished
My life could ever be
Understand that men who try to undermine the system
Is an enemy to me
Each man owns his part and thus equality is theirs
How can it be wrong when everybody holds his share
Traitors of the State must be omitted from the scene
Jealousy in time will ruin dreams

The State and I are impassable the rules are there for all
And the system unbeatable as long as you play ball
I can never understand
The fools who think us wrong and so they lie
Against the State and I, unbelievable when we know all we do
Why try to deceive us when it only can hurt you
This State is impeccable and I will serve the land until I die
The State and I.