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'Fairy Story' is a song taken from Tim J Spencer's musical 'Rising Sun', which is based in a Japanese Women's Prisoner of War camp at the end of the Second World War. After the roll call (Tenko) a new arrival enters the camp, as usual she is asked by the kids of the group to explain where she comes from. This song is Edna's explanation. It is sung here by Rachael Coe. The song features in the Tim Spencer Songbook, a collection of audition pieces for Musical Theatre performers.


I grew up in a fairy story
Houses like palaces were my friends
Clothes I chose on an April morning
Colours I loved when the winter ends

Then one day I met my Prince Charming
A child like me who had grown to a man
Took my hand on a summer evening
Promised me gold and a foreign land

Sailed away on a ship through sunsets
Far from lands eyes of mine had seen
Took my first look at Ivory towers
Told myself that I was his queen

Spent three years in a foreign castle
Paradise mine and a charming man
Lived on love in those Ivory Towers
Forests of green and a desert’s sand

Messenger came and called Prince Charming
Dragons to fight need to be a man
He rode off on that summer evening
All I them knew, was he would not return

I grew up in a fairy story
Promised me gold and a foreign land