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'Back Home' is a song from Tim J Spencer's musical 'Rising Sun' and is where one of the characters Abby explains what she used to do in the years before the War. It's a bluesy country number and is sung here by UK artist Tracey Shield. The song features on the Tim Spencer Songbook which is a series of audition songs for Musical Theatre candidates


(From the Musical 'Rising Sun')

Back home, in the bars of Carolina
I used to sing, how I dreamed of seeing the world
Back home, the setting sun in Carolina
Well I wonder if they ever think of me
Back home

Those days I would sing til the morning sunrise
The band would play, the people listened far and near
I left my home back in sleepy Carolina
I saw the world, then one day I ended up here

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change the way life wandered
I saw the world, saw my dreams I’ve got no regrets
But now I’m here and I dream of Carolina
And I wonder if I ever should have left

But when I get back to my home in Carolina
I’ll see those friends who I left so long ago
The setting sun back in dreamy Carolina
I wonder if they ever think of me,
One day I will return and they will see
I wonder if they ever think of me
Back home