Hey, thanks for stopping by, I'm Tim and I'm a Songwriter, Arranger, Producer and Musicals Creator based in the UK. I write songs, create musicals and also arrange and produce music.

The Tim Spencer Songbook is a collection of 32 of my favourite solos, duos and trios that work for audition and performance purposes, and the three musicals I've written, Berlin, Rising Sun & The Tombstones, are all available to be performed (you can even download each of the scripts for free) so I'd love you to check out those pages.

Now if your theatre interests are more towards Pantomime, you may want to check out the selection of Songs for Pantomime that are available, all for various points and characters in a traditional pantomime, as well as the Pantomime Musical Sound Effects albums, which are designed to keep any Panto Sound man happy.

If you're more interested in pop songs and songs in different genres please check out the Song Catalogue where you'll find a host of different songs I've written in different genres.

If you're making movies of any sort there's a couple of Royalty Free Instrumental albums to check out, and if you need backing tracks for Hymns and Christmas Carols I've done some albums for you too. If you need backing tracks for Musical Theatre Songs then you can always check out The Accompanist.

There's lots of material I'm working on at present and am focussing on making videos of the material so I'd love you to check them out.

And if there's things you like here and you feel you want to subscribe to the mailing list that'd be amazing, and please click the links to my social media sites inclduing my new Patreon page, where those that feel the urge can support me.

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