Tim Spencer is a songwriter, arranger and creator of musicals based in the UK.

Over the past 20 years Tim has worked with the BBC, ITV, orchestrated for West End Shows, and had music on various albums.

His three musicals Berlin, Rising Sun and The Tombstones are now available to perform for groups worldwide.

The Tim Spencer Songbook is a collection of 32 audition pieces for musical theatre performers and audition candidates.

His music for Television and Film has resulted in two Royalty Free Instrumental Music albums.

Tim has worked extensively on Pantomime productions over the years.

As an arranger he has created The Accompanist (a series of Musical Theatre Audition Accompaniment albums), and the Christmas Carols & Hymn Backing Track Collections.

Over the next couple of years Tim is focusing on his new project The Tim Spencer Collective which is recording full studio albums of the three musicals from his studio The Blackstone.

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