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Update - March 21st 2018 

OK, so the every two week post seems to have failed already as it's been over a month since I last put a blog post up.

But what a month. There's a lot going on and new recordings being made so there's a few things that are new on the site and a few new things on the way.

At the moment it is absolutely wonderful to be working all the time on these new recordings, it's something I haven't done before and really is fulfilling as the mixing that I'm doing, after spending the last few years working out how to…

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The Last Two Weeks Update (19/02/18) 

Thought it was time to turn this blog page into an actual blog and leave an update every two weeks (at least).

So, it's been a little mad in my world for the past couple of weeks with much recording activity and new plans and sessions being booked in. With the intention being to create five albums this year there's a lot of work that needs to be done.

The Tim Spencer Songbook is the first of the albums being produced. It is a collection of 32 of my favourite songs I've created as audition/performance…

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