Update - March 21st 2018

OK, so the every two week post seems to have failed already as it's been over a month since I last put a blog post up.

But what a month. There's a lot going on and new recordings being made so there's a few things that are new on the site and a few new things on the way.

At the moment it is absolutely wonderful to be working all the time on these new recordings, it's something I haven't done before and really is fulfilling as the mixing that I'm doing, after spending the last few years working out how to mix, are making the songs feel like I want them to, maybe for the first time. The recording process is a very different thing to the writing of arrangements and working with a live band, something I've spent my years doing. It's only in more recent times that I've been getting my head round getting the songs to come out of the speakers in the way I hear them.

So.....what's been occurring.

Well I finished one of the recordings for the Tim Spencer Songbook. I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous Louise Woodward who lent her voice to the track for 'Take A Dream' one of the songs from the musical 'Berlin'. The song appears in the show when Elin is first imprisoned in the jail in Bautzen and is her trying to calm herself on her first night in prison. Lou's done an amazing job with the vocal and I'm really pleased with the recording.

Louise Woodward - 'Take A Dream' from the musical 'Berlin' - The Tim Spencer Songbook

Also last week I completed one of the new songs which I wrote last year. Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on a recording with the wonderful Clare Sykes and towards the end of last week I completed the mix of the track and we created a 'pop video' with the help of Rich Ackland. It's a pop song in vein of the Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding style material that's out and am really pleased with the way everything's come out, Clare's voice is fabulous on it. Maybe you can check out the video and give it a share if you like it.

Over the weekend I was also recording voices for the choir for a full recording of my song 'Somewhere' from the musical 'Rising Sun'. The version I'm creating is the full concert chorale so has a large choir towards the end of it. I had thirteen fabulous voices come and record and am now turning that into a 150 voice choir for the mix. That one will be coming soon. It's part of the 'Through The Mirror' album that is one of the projects on the go.

So it's been a bit of a manic time. Especially with the ideas for a new record label, called Speccymojo. There's lots of recordings occurring and plenty of stuff to keep me occupied, there's at least six other tracks that I've not mentioned on this post that are also coming soon.

Hope you're having a fantastic week and if you've time to check out the video or the new recordings please consider sharing them, if you like what you hear.


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