The Last Two Weeks Update (19/02/18)

Thought it was time to turn this blog page into an actual blog and leave an update every two weeks (at least).

So, it's been a little mad in my world for the past couple of weeks with much recording activity and new plans and sessions being booked in. With the intention being to create five albums this year there's a lot of work that needs to be done.

The Tim Spencer Songbook is the first of the albums being produced. It is a collection of 32 of my favourite songs I've created as audition/performance pieces. It'll be in two volumes, a male songbook and a female one. The tracks are being produced as piano and vocal productions and I've managed to get some great vocalists to agree to come into the studio. The first of the new 2018 recordings was completed over this weekend and is from the Male Songbook. It's a song called 'The State and I' and comes from my musical 'Berlin'. You can listen to it by clicking this link Martin Goodyer - The State and I. It's also featured in the 'new recordings' part of the website.

The Tombstones is the first of the musicals being put together and over the last two weeks I've finalised the first 8 of the backing tracks and now am awaiting the vocalists to come in who are forming the cast for the studio album. The first of the Tombstones recording sessions is planned for tomorrow so may well feature in the next update. 

I'm also starting to build the tracks for the album 'Through the Mirror' which is a collection of songs which don't feature in the musicals (or where there are different versions). The first of those songs is the Somewhere Chorale, a melded version of two of the songs from my show Rising Sun. Recording dates are planned for March so I'm looking forward to that too.

Another thing is that I'm creating a record company for these new albums. The label will be called 'SpeccyMojo' and it'll be something a little different.

There's also a new video on the YouTube channel. It's a cover of the song 'Pulled' from the musical The Addams Family and is fabulously sung by Nelle Cross. Have a watch of the video here.


So that's the two week update. I'm planning to keep this going and it'll be interesting to see how the year maps out and whether all these projects can come to completion in good time.

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