New Year, New Challenges

It's 2018.

I know, it has been for over a month now. And this year promises new challenges and new recordings a plenty.

Over the years I've created three musicals and numerous songs which have yet to be recorded, so this is the main plan for 2018.

Starting with the completion of the new recordings for the Tim Spencer Songbook, a collection of 32 songs suitable for audition and performance, and a new cast recording of my musical The Tombstones the next few months look very busy. I've got some great vocalists coming into the studio, The Blackstone, to perform the songs and, as and when they're ready they will be launched on the site. 

It's only taken 7 years to get The Tombstones to this stage, and this will be followed by new recordings of both Rising Sun and Berlin, the other two musicals.

Along with these I'm planning to get the 'Through The Mirror' album completed also, which is a collection of the 'mega-songs', those involving a choir, some of which are derivations from the songs featured in the musicals and some songs which are from other writings.

All in all 2018 looks like a very busy and exciting year. With new videos being produced and a couple of ideas for new musicals/musical theatre pieces. That, as well as writing anything that comes along of a pop, rock and especially Country nature. 

For years it has to be said that I have created many many ideas, and never completed the ideas to my full satisfaction. This year there is a new energy and a new drive.

Along with this the intention is to keep the blog posts coming on a more regular basis. It would be marvellous of you if you wished to follow along, subscribe to the site and maybe even find me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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